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It is of course important to compare the benefits between your current coverage and the Medicare Advantage Plan. Be sure that you understand the additional benefits and any benefits (or freedoms) that you may loose. In general, we usually remind people to look at the Cost, Coverage, Convenience, Company reputation, and Comments from other Members. In particular, be sure to look at the following:

  • Can you change your current doctor(s) or are they in the new plan’s network?
  • If prescription drug coverage is provided, are your medications on the plan’s formulary?
  • How much is the monthly premium?
  • How much will your coverage cost? Co-payments and co-insurance as explained in the plan’s Summary of Benefits.
  • Which additional services are offered, such as preventative care, vision, dental, and health club membership.
  • Are there any treatments that you need that are not covered by the Plan?
  • Can you work within the network restrictions (like paying extra when you visit a doctor who is out-of-network)?
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