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No out of Pocket Costs!

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Affordable Plans

We represent over 20 Medicare Supplement and Medicare advantage insurers to ensure we have a wide range of options for our clients.

Personalized Quotes

We have an internal Medicare supplement quoting system that can pull pricing from our top Medicare supplement companies to help find the best rate for you

Underwriting Expertise

We have internal underwriting expertise to reduce the likelihood of declines on submitted Medicare supplement applications.

Annual Reviews

We perform annual reviews for our clients to ensure they always have the lowest rate for their chosen Medicare supplement plan.

Drug Plans

We can assist in your search for the best Medicare part D drug plan for your individual needs.

Get a Free Quote

Please call us at 928-368-3297 to discuss your options. We can help you identify which plan will be best for you and explain the differences between Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage plans.

What is the Medcare advantage for you?

  • We save you money on your medicare plan.
  • We do all the groundwork on researching your medicare plan.
  • You pay absolutely nothing out of pocket for our services.
  • We work for you to ensure you have the best policy at the least cost.

Give us a call today to set up an appointment and start saving yourself time and money!

Independent broker representing 26+ insurance companies

Med-Care 360 Mission Statement

Understanding your rights and entitlements as a Medicare beneficiary is very important when making your decision as to which medicare option is best for you. Choosing your medicare plans can be confusing, so at Med-Care 360 we are dedicated to making your choice simple and we will help you find a plan that best fits your needs. We are licensed in Arizona, Ohio, New Mexico and California.

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