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What Is A Medicare Savings Program?

A Medicare Savings Program ( MSP) is an assistance program that could help you pay for your Medicare costs if you are considered low income.  This program may also be known as Medicare Premium Assistance or  Medicare Buy-in programs. There…

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Medicare will cover limited lung cancer screening

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will cover screening for lung cancer for the first time for certain beneficiaries, the agency said last week. The coverage for lose dose imaging takes effect immediately. “This is an important new Medicare preventive…

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White House Fights Against Medicare Fraud

According to a recent White House blog posting, the Administration has cracked down on health care and Medicare fraud, recovering $4.1 billion in taxpayer dollars last year alone and $10.7 billion in the last three years.  It’s reassuring to know…

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Medicare Provides Free Preventative Doctor Visit

Did you know that Medicare provides a one-time free benefit of a “Welcome to Medicare” visit with your doctor during your first 12 months of Medicare? Additionally, after the first year on Medicare one yearly “wellness” visit is provided free…

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